At the age of eight, Solange Noir received her first camera, a hand-me-down Kodak Brownie Hawkeye. She then immediately field-stripped and rebuilt it so that it no longer took pictures but instead gave pictures, in an early example of optical telepathy. Family holidays were never the same.

Later on, she discovered 3 more accepted uses for it :
1. Stopping time
2. Trapping shadows.
3. Revealing hidden things

Solange lives to share the magic hidden in the ordinary sights of everyday life. She spies the gilded path on a brick wall shimmering in the sunset or a technicoloured world submerged in a puddle's reflection, waiting for her lens to reveal them. Solange believes there is a story in everything, all you have to do is open your imagination and look. Her major artistic influences include Patti Smith, Salvador Dali, Arthur Stieglitz, Rene Magritte, The Cure, Pablo Neruda, Louise Brooks, Robert Mapplethorpe and all things Japanese.

Though her gypsy tendencies have taken her all over the country, Solange has now settled on the east coast. She lives and works in a drafty Victorian row house, surrounded by kids, cats, hula hoops, spare lenses and too many books (can you have too many?). She has shown her work nationally and sells internationally, with the gold medal going to Canada for most purchases to date. Feel free to email her with questions, ideas for collaborations or just to say hello.